Thursday, 30 November 2017

History Created! Mirabai Lifts Gold For The Country After Two Decades

Tears rolled down Mirabai’s eyes when she saw the tricolor from the podium as she picked up a rare honor for an Indian at the marquee event.

It is an emotional moment indeed. After an unfortunate defeat at the Rio games, Mirabai lifted 85kg and 109kg in clean and jerk to total an impressive 194kg in the women’s 48kg, in the process of setting a new national record.

In 1995, Karnam Malleshwari clinched gold at China. Mirabai is the second Indian in 2 decades to win the medal and bring pride to the country.
Congratulations Mirabai! We’re extremely proud of you.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Online Shopping In India

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What De-Motivates Indian Housewives

Major Indian families do not prefer their daughter-in-laws to work. So their jobs are dropped in other to manage the household.  The task of a house wife may look easy but it is not. Managing everything to make the life of the other family members is not cake walk. In the process her family becomes her life. Because technically they are the only people she is in contact with. Housewives facing a problem of loneliness are very common. There are few de-motivational aspects to that.  

They have a monotonous routine

Workplace is an important area where we come in contact with people, share different ideas and see the world with a broader view point. Housewives do not work. So their major social circle is cut down. The only people they talk to are the neighborhood, relatives and the family. They don’t have people around them discussing intellectual issues. The only issues they talk about are the household once, which doesn’t make their minds grow.

Housewives have a monotonous routine, monotonous than any other job. Sitting at home wandering from room to room is boring. Having nothing to look forward to in life is really depressing. 

Always being dependent on other leads to low self confidence

Housewives are dependent on their family members for money. As they are not working and are at home all the time they ought to depend on their family members for the money which is so de motivational, especially when the family disrespects her every time they give her the money to get things for their house. Such treatment makes her feel low.

Lack of recognition

Being a housewife is the most difficult job but once a lady becomes a housewife, she lacks her recognition. Then she is only known by the name of her husband or maybe some other elder or dominating member of her family. A working lady has a good personality, self confidence, and recognition in the society but a house neither has confidence nor personality nor lacks recognition. The reason behind this is the treatment given to her by the family members, if the family members won’t respect her no one else would.

A house wife actually is the busiest person                                                               

She wakes up before everyone else in the family prepares breakfast for everyone, sends her children to school, sends her husband to office, cleans the house, prepares lunch, washes clothes and what not from morning till the night she has got never ending work to finish off. But she is always available for anybody and everybody who needs her help and at times availability leads to disrespect.

If a person is always available to work and help the other person, he would be taken for granted by the other person after some time. It is very important to keep yourself and your priorities ahead of everyone else.

The major problem of every housewife is that when she is free, during afternoons or maybe in the evening she starts to think. She thinks of everything and anything she could think of and then crops up lots of unnecessary tension.

Every lady who is a housewife has to understand that they have their own life and are not bound to be available for their family members all the time. She has the liberty to liver her life the way she wants.

Let us know your thoughts on other things that could de-motivate an Indian housewife.

6 Women India Should Never Forget

Isn’t it fascinating that there is something about those moments while our national flag is being hosted which makes our heart bloom with pride and patriotism, isn’t it? We do remember those great souls who have laid down their lives for the country and contributed towards a better future of our nation. Now, let us take a moment to remember all those brave women who made our country proud. Although we have many women’s in the list that India should always remember, we have selected these 6 women…

Rani of Jhansi

“Khub ladi mardani wo to jhansi wali rani thi!”- this is a verse from a very famous poem written on the Rani of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai. You will hardly find an Indian who hasn’t grown up hearing the brave adventures of Rani Laxmibai, who was one of the leading personalities in the National Uprising of 1857 against the British who colonized our mainland. She is an epitome of courage because of her never say die spirit. Her name is used as a metaphor for bravery today!

Kittur Rani Chennamma

 It is quite possible that you may hardly be familiar with her name but she was one of the earliest Indian rulers who fought for freedom of the nation. Thirty three years before the National Uprising of 1857, this queen of a princely state in Karnataka led an armed rebellion against the British but eventually lost her life in the end. She is revered as one of the bravest women in Karnataka till now.

Bhikaji Cama

Undoubtedly one of the bravest women in the history of Indian Freedom Struggle is Bhikaji Cama, she was one of the pioneers who set up the Indian Home Rule Society. Though during in exile, she wrote several revolutionary literatures from the freedom movement and she even made many radical speeches for gender equality in Egypt.

Sucheta Kriplani

She was elected as the first women Chief Minister of an Indian state and she achieved this because of the dedication and passion that she exuded for her country during the freedom struggle. She stepped up for her country during the Quit India Movement and she was one of Mahatma Gandhi’s close associates in several Partition riots. Sucheta was a role model for many and encouraged numerous women to join the struggle.

Sarojini Naidu

A beacon of inspiration to many women for so many years has been Sarojini Naidu. She was one of the first few women who stepped out and took the reins of leadership in her own hands, at a time when women were oppressed to a large extent in many states. So apart from being the first woman President of Indian National Congress and Governor of Uttar Pradesh, she displayed some rare qualities like her poems which continue to inspire us till date.

Begum Hazrat Mahal

One of the iconic freedom fighters of the National Uprising in 1857 was her. When the mutiny began, Hazrat Mahal was one of the first freedom fighter who urged the locals to rise up against the British oppression. She seized control of Lucknow and announced her son as the King of Oudh but when the British captured Lucknow back, she was forced to retreat to Nepal.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Take Time for yourself

It is in nature of every woman to sacrifice their needs and wants and protect and fulfill the wants of their loved ones. This is how women are. Men could be tagged as hunters and the women could be tagged as gatherers. This phenomenon no longer exists in the 21st century. Women take the role of two, and now have quite a lot on their plate. Family pressures and work pressures are the worst duo and they are constantly battling it, overworking to a point they have no time for themselves. It takes a toll on their body and mind. There are ways to overcome this feeling of constant neglect and really just…live a little.

Cut yourself some slack

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Measuring Your Bra Size - A Step-by-Step Guide from Trishlaemart

If the bra you are wearing currently is either loose that makes your breast sag or very stiff that almost holds your rib cage very tightly then YOU ARE WEARING A WRONG BRA like how most of the women do.

Wrong bras NOT only spoils your look but also make you feel so uncomfortable that you will lose interest in almost anything that comes your way.

You can measure your bra size by yourself just by following a few steps...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lingerie News and Updates

This week, in lingerie news and update, we have Mandira Bedi back in news! Don't get your hopes up there, as she is not back in IPL. She has been signed on to endorse popular lingerie brand, Bodycare. 

"Indian women consumers are becoming more cautious these days in choosing lingerie, which is in effect helping the growth of branded lingerie in India. Bodycare is a cute, girly and fun brand. It's an exciting opportunity for me because I get to put my own input into the brand - that's the main reason I agreed to do it,” Mandira said in a press statement.

Established in 1992, this company offers many European inspired lingerie designs. Talking about their brand Sanjay Dawar, Managing Director of Bodycare said, "In recent times men’s innerwear industry has seen a plethora of celebrity endorsement from the biggest leading names in Bollywood. On the other hand, in the women’s innerwear segment, there is just one brand that has dared to venture in this league and that is Bodycare,” he said.

Well we are glad to see you back in picture Mandira!

Lingerie giants Victoria's Secret got into trouble this week when they launched Bright Young Things their new Pink line. Targeting teenage girls in high and middle school, their lingerie campaign with teens sporting provocative lacy lingerie didn't go well with the parents. The lacy underwear stating 'I dare you' or 'Call me' seemed to portray girls as a mere sex objects. Faced with overwhelming negative comments and online petitions from the market, VS finally withdrew their campaign.